Dr. So Wa Ngai 



It is my privilege to be able to meet So Wa and to have counseling sessions with her. She wonderfully offered me a comfortable environment, in which I felt being understood, supported and not judged. Her personal sharing encouraged me to realize that while I am a unique person, I am not at all alone.  -K. K.  

The counselling service provided by So Wa is very professional and useful. Before seeing So Wa, I always had reservation about seeing a counsellor. I could not understand why I need to disclose my private matters with someone I don’t know. I remember in the first session I felt very uncomfortable and stressed, as if I was going to be interrogated. Fortunately So Wa understood that it was my first time to go to counselling so she was very patient and gave me time to get used to the environment. The following sessions were held across a few months. So Wa helped us realise the reasons for certain behaviours from me and my partner. Those include family background and personal history. By understanding the impact brought by these factors, my partner and I both learnt to be understanding and tolerant to each other. This has helped us eliminate a few unnecessary arguments. Even when we argued, we tried to deescalate and learn from every argument we had, which became very valuable for our growth together. So Wa is very professional and she gives us lots of encouragement when we were feeling so depressed with our relationship. I’m very grateful for her help.  -V.W.

"I didn’t have any expectations (before coming to therapy), I didn’t know if it was going to be this stereotypical idea of psychotherapy that they just keep asking you “so how does it make you feel? How does it make you feel?” or they just repeat what you say. But I think what I found that was useful was you actually ask really really good questions, really key questions to bring conversations to a different level and that has been really insightful. I also agree with P that you are a neutral third party to create a safe space for us to say things. I also found that you are very non-judgmental in the way you present things...you are very encouraging and affirming too. It is nice to hear when you say good things about how we are progressing and how things are... Sometimes we don’t know what we should talk about and where we should go. So it is really nice to have you gently guide the conversation to a particular direction for us not to worry about what we need to deal with because I think you help to bring us around so that we can think about our concerns." -K. L.

我要多謝您給我的輔導,一直隨和地聆聽,敞開胸襟地接納,並充滿智慧地建議,您總是那麼輕描淡寫卻實實在在地推動我去想去改變。當然,您的肯定與鼓勵,亦支持我堅定自己的方向。 無言感激。 -G.P.

​Individual, Couples & Family Therapy


"It is useful because when it is just the two of us, it is hard have these conversations. Whereas there is somebody that is more neutral and to be able to see things more objectively or from a fresh eye and independent view. It is easier to have these kind of discussions. I feel like expressing things more in a non threatening atmosphere. It surprised me. I found it useful both for our relationship, individually as well.  Guys don’t talk about things like this at all. It actually forces me to express how I feel. As a man, I don’t normally think about questions you asked. It is good. It is releasing." -P.L.