​Individual, Couples & Family Therapy


My Expertise

In counselling sessions, I aim to  create a safe and respectful therapeutic space in which my clients may freely express themselves and reflect on their experiences.  This can only be done if I am open to, and present for, my clients. We walk along side each other, exploring and examining their current situation and past memories while, at the same time, creating new perspectives on their understandings and learning alternative ways of relating to the people they care about in life. The process requires both a linguistic and an emotional attunement between us that honours both the suffering and the strength in my clients' stories. 

I have always felt immensely fortunate to be in this profession in that I am witness to the most resilient aspects of human nature that enables individuals to rebuild their lives and families to rekindle their connections. Through such memorable encounters, I have become not only a better therapist, also a better human being.  

Dr. So Wa Ngai 



In addition to responsibilities at the University, I maintain a small private practice in which my clients receive attentive care. My areas of clinical interest and specialty include couples counselling, parenting issues and intergenerational relationship, infidelity, divorce recovery and remarriage, and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. My research areas include parenting, couples therapy processes, acculturation and Chinese adult children and their ageing parents' relationships.